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 AV Equipment Booking

Login with your EGIS Cedentials

To use the EGIS booking system (EGIS Staff only), please follow the 3 point procedure below.

Please mark the whereabouts of equipment in the Equip Status drop down box so equipment can be more easily traced.

1. Book equipment for the time required. Before you take out the equipment it will be marked as in so you don't have to make any changes to the Equip Status drop down box
2. When collecting equipment please mark it out. Do this by using the Equip Status drop down.
3. When returning equipment please mark it back in. Also use the Equip Status drop down box for this.

This a user managed system for which all users have a collective responsibility, and will work best if we show consideration to other users.
It Support still provide technical support for the equipment.

This service is for equipment to be used for teaching in EGIS lecture rooms only. If you require to borrow equipment for use anywhere else in the University please phone 3019 or email (Heriot-Watt Audio Visual Services) .


Heriot-Watt Room booking system